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In hot and humid working environment with poor ventilation or large labor volume, the use of anti haze mask with breathing valve can help you feel more comfortable when exhaling. 

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The function principle of the breathing valve of the anti haze mask is to blow the valve plate open under the positive pressure of the exhaust gas when exhaling, so as to quickly remove the exhaust gas in the body and reduce the stuffy and hot feeling when using the anti haze mask, while the negative pressure will automatically close the valve when inhaling, so as to avoid the pollutants absorbed into the external environment. What are the popular majors for local majors? It can be seen from the list that the anti haze mask with breathing valve is more suitable for the worse use environment and more beneficial to people's breathing. The anti haze mask with exhalation valve can quickly exhaust the hot and humid air out of the mask. If there is no respirator with exhalation valve, the hot and humid air exhaled will have to go out from the filter cotton again. Because the outside air is cold, the hot and humid air will condense into water drops when it is cold, which is easy to wet the filter cotton, causing bacterial reproduction and reducing the protective effect, increasing the respiratory resistance, and the effect is not good.

What is the use of the breathing valve on the mask?
Mask without breathing valve is made of cloth to ventilate and block PM2.5. What is the principle of mask with breathing valve?
There are three possible guesses based on whether the valve plate and cloth are breathable:
A. the cloth shall be air tight as far as possible, and the filtration shall be realized through the valve plate on the breathing valve. When inhaled, the air can pass through the valve plate, while PM2.5 and other particles are blocked; when exhaled, the valve plate is opened and completely ventilated
B. the cloth is the same as the mask without the breather valve, which only functions as a one-way valve and is airtight. When inhaled, the valve is completely blocked and closed; when exhaled, the valve is opened and completely ventilated
C .fabric and breather valve have the function of "ventilating and blocking PM2.5"

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