Disposable protective mask

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Advantages: very good ventilation;Can filter toxic gases; Be able to hold heat; Can absorb water; Can be waterproof; Flexible; Not unkempt; Feel very good and quite soft; Compared with other masks, the texture is relatively light; Very elastic, can be reduced after stretching; Low price, suitable for mass production.

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Disposable three-layer masks are made of two layers of non-woven cloth and filter paper.The disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of non-woven fiber cloth which is used for medical treatment, and a layer of filtration and anti-bacteria cloth which is more than 99% is added in the middle, which is welded by ultrasonic. The bridge of the nose is made of environment-friendly plastic strip, which does not contain any metal. It is equipped with steam permeable and comfortable.Filtering effect of B.F.E. up to 99% is especially suitable for electronic factories;Disposable activated carbon mask is made of 28 grams of non-woven cloth on the surface, and the first layer is made of anti-bacteria filter paper, which can filter and prevent bacteria up to 99%, thus playing an anti-bacteria role and preventing virus damage.The middle layer is made of activated carbon fiber and activated carbon cloth, which are new and efficient adsorption and filtration materials.

Use method
1. wear a face mask to wash hands before
2. with both hands holding a rope, the darker side of the outer (blue), (matte white)
3. color shallow, the masks have one side of the wire (a small hard) on the nose, according to his nose is pinched wire and then pull the mask cover body completely down, make the mask completely cover your mouth and nose
4. general 8 hours to replace a disposable masks, can not be reused

Storage Conditions
Disposable masks should be stored in a room with no relative humidity exceeding 80%, non-corrosive gases and good ventilation to avoid high temperature

The disposable mask can be worn for up to 8 hours. Generally, it needs to be replaced after 8 hours. Moreover, the disposable mask cannot be cleaned and can not be used again even after cleaning. The novel coronavirus infection is also in the high incidence stage. It is necessary to update the mask once 2-4 hours after wearing the mask. Especially for medical staff, they need to wear N95 masks and even need goggles. People who often contact suspected cases or diagnosed cases need to wear protective clothing. To wear the mask, we should also pay attention to the correct methods. Before wearing the mask, we should first sterilize our hands, and then distinguish the reverse side and the front side of the mask. After wearing the mask, we can press down the metal wire on the mask, adjust the shape of the metal wire according to the height of our nose, and then pull down the mask completely, so as to isolate the external virus and reduce the infection Odds.

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1. Do you have hand mask in stock?

Yes we have a lot of stock

2. What's your MOQ and price?

MOQ is 100,0pcs.

3. What's your payment term?

50% payment before production, 50% payment before shipping.

4. If I order 100,000pcs, when I can get it?

Lot of orders are waiting for production, they will be arranged in the order of payment. Receiving time depends on shipping way.

5. Can you shipping to my address? How much for shipping cost?

Pls send us your shipping address, then we will calculate the shipping cost for you.

6. Is it available to do customization?

Yes, it is acceptable. But we do not suggest you do that at this moment, customized orders take at least 10more days to produce than regular orders.

7. How can I get ensured if I buy from you?

We are verified supplier on Alibaba, We are also the best seller on alibaba. After your order confirmed, a trade assurance order will be made for you, then your order will under Alibaba's protection

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