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Polyethylene (PE) composite bag: It is made by composition of PE film and Bopp color-printing film.

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Types: PE color-printing bag, PE square bottom and valve port bag, PE anti-static bag (has two choices of white light one and clear one.)
Features: good anti-static, low rate of air (oxygen) permeability, good moisture resistance, high tensile strength and high puncture resistant strength, easy to heat sealing, anti-aging, and other characteristics.
1. Various specifications of general PE packaging
2. The product is filled from the top valve port which is a kind of current international popular packaging bag. It is convenient to fill into the goods, easy to seal, suitable to transportation with stacking, good look of stacking, high strength, water proof, self-sealing, anti-UV, greatly increasing goods’ reputation. This recycle bag is suitable for enterprises in domestic and abroad, improving the goods level.
3. Inset bags(polyethylene/composite): It has a outer pocket of transparent film on the surface which using advanced thermal bonding technology basis on the old-fashioned packaging. It can put in the client’s brochure or product’s introduction. The packaging form is flexible, more suitable for comprehensive promotion.
The appearance material most are PE or PE composite material which is solid and durable.

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