China has tightened the inspection standards of anti-epidemic protective equipment

The coVID-19 outbreak comes as a surprise. The quality of anti-epidemic protective equipment determines the success of the fight against coVID-19 and the safety of the people. Under the responsibility of the mission, the cadres and workers of Weifang Product quality inspection Institute came forward to shoulder the heavy responsibility of checking the quality of epidemic prevention articles. They give up their families and care for everyone, and work on the front line day and night to build the hardest scale and help win the battle against the epidemic.

If there is a call to battle, answer it

The epidemic is the order. According to the unified arrangement of Weifang Market Supervision Bureau, Weifang Quality Inspection Institute should set up two teams of supervision and technical support in the shortest time, carry out the “two lines” battle, and complete the task of emergency supervision and detection of anti-epidemic protection products.

The institute organized an emergency meeting on the fourth day of the New Year to mobilize the cadres and workers of relevant industries to return to their posts immediately and devote themselves to the epidemic prevention and control work. In the face of the epidemic, the institute’s party members and technical backbone members really played the role of commandos and the main force, planting the bright party flag at the forefront and building the battle fort at the forefront.

Due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, the inspection qualifications of 13 masks and 23 protective clothing inspection items of the institute can no longer fully meet the requirements of anti-epidemic inspection. Because most models and models of civilian masks do not have appropriate national and industry standards, many enterprises have also sought the institute’s help.

The need to fight the epidemic and the needs of businesses are a call to action. In the face of the epidemic related equipment supply shortage, the leadership and Director Guo Min took the trouble to contact domestic manufacturers by telephone, in a short period of time from Zhejiang to buy the domestic special shortage of material automatic tester, gas quality flowmeter and other special testing equipment.

The installation and commissioning of the equipment was completed on the day of its arrival. The scientific research team continued to study the operating procedures and repeated simulation experiments, and mastered the inspection and operation technology within 2 days. They repeatedly compared the experimental and inspection data with Jiangsu Special Safety Protection and Inspection Center to ensure the accuracy of the test data. At the same time, they intensified the application for expanding the inspection qualification and passed the test successfully.

Post time: Jun-03-2019