China has tightened the regulations on exports

Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Weifang city was informed that, in response to the serious shortage of epidemic prevention masks and protective clothing on the market and the problem of enterprise transformation, Weifang Quality Inspection Institute opened a green channel for emergency inspection, and the leading group of the institute led professional inspectors into the frontline to help win the battle against the epidemic.

Party set up by the city quality supervision, inspection and epidemic prevention work leading group, with the party member cadre as the main body, beneficial to skilled, strong sense of responsibility of inspection personnel, product quality supervision procession, to the city’s three masks, protective clothing, 1 disinfectant production enterprises conducted a sampling inspection, inspection of more than 15 batches so far, insist on “three shifts”, people break machine not jehiel, and strive to in the shortest possible time, efficient, scientific and accurate testing product report sent to the hands of the enterprise.

At the same time, strictly implement the market regulator to ensure product quality and safety control material requirements, do a good job in guiding enterprises emergency supplies, production, quality inspection by the party to high-density lian an mask factory, high-density Seth protective clothing factory, zhucheng tightsen disinfectant three factories respectively in product quality supervision personnel, the implementation of product quality supervision, 24 hours a day of raw materials, the quality of the products and sales enterprise to all-round supervision, ensure that the materials meet all standard requirements, and solve the material transportation, enterprise standards and other practical difficulties.

Inspectors in the field into the shandong love of medical products co., Ltd., shandong xin cosette Marine biological technology co., LTD., changyi city, five companies such as non-woven products co., LTD. Send door to door service, which the respirator manufacturer for export enterprises, under the outbreak of demand, the city quality supervision, inspection party to help enterprises to quickly (domestic product manufacturers, and formulate appropriate enterprise, in line with market requirements of enterprise standard, thus make the enterprise qualified products into the market quickly. Technical guidance and point-to-point on-site technical support have accelerated the progress of large-scale production of qualified protective products.

Post time: Jun-10-2020