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Disposable protective clothing refers to disposable protective articles worn by clinical personnel when they come into contact with class A or infectious disease patients under the management of Class A infectious diseases.

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1. The protective clothing should be waterproof, antistatic, filtration efficiency, no skin irritation, easy to wear and take off, tight joint, elastic closure of cuffs and ankle.
Protective clothing should be worn under the following circumstances: Clinical l personnel should wear protective clothing when they come into contact with infectious disease patients of Class A or under the management of class A infectious disease.
2. Contact with airborne or droplet transmission of infectious disease patients, may be the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, excreta splashing.
3. A single gram weighs 100 grams
Fabric 43 g/m2
Length 117cm sleeve length 65cm chest circumference 65cm arm span 180cm
A bag of ten pieces
Bag size 43cmx28cm
10 bags for each
Carton size 55cmx35cmx28cm
The gross weight is 11 kilos
Net weight: 10 kg
4. (1) General protective clothing refers to the working clothes used to protect against ordinary injuries and dirt in all industries.
It can be divided into the following styles: A. Separated upper and lower body;
B. Garment and trousers (or hat);
C. Gown;
D. vest;
E. Overalls;
F. apron;
G. Wear clothes back, etc.
(2) Design principles Protective clothing should be safe, applicable, beautiful and generous.
It shall comply with the following principles: a. Conducive to the normal physiological requirements and health of the human body.
B. The style shall be designed for protection needs.
C. It is easy to wear and take off with body movements during operation.
D. It is not easy to cause hook, hang, wring and grind in operation.
E. Helps prevent dust and dirt from contaminating the body.
F. Suitable fabrics should be selected for the function of protective clothing.
G. Easy to wash and repair.
H. The color of protective clothing shall be different from the background color of the workplace, which shall not affect the correct judgment of the light signal of each color.
Where there is a need for safety signs, signs color should be eye-catching, firm.

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